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8th Grade Social Studies


Within this website you will find:

* Breakdown of curriculum by quarter 

* A weekly rundown of class assignments and activities for absent students

* Links to resources used in class

* Academic Awards recipients 

* General classroom policies and expectations

* Contact information

"Quoteable People"
"When we realize how to think, it empowers us to go beyond those who know only what to think."

Aspiring to be Respectful, Responsible, and Opportunistic While focusing on Safety and success.


I'm a proud member of Indian Nation since 1999. Your membership began when you walked through our doors. You have a responsibility to your community, your school, your classmates, and yourself. Be great. Do great things. What have you done today to make yourself and others better?

Google Classroom Information


Each student has login access through gmail that allows them to use a unique feature for teachers and students called Google Classroom. Students register to join specific classes created by their teachers that gives them access to linked notes, handouts, and even assignments that can be completed directly online. This feature cuts out the need for hard copies of many classroom items and goes fully electronic and digital. 


In social studies, Google Classroom will be mainly used as a forum to view images and film clips related to topics covered in class. All unit notes presentations are attached so that students who are absent or missing those items can catch themselves up to the rest of the class. Practice Tests for each unit are always shared out and available through Google Classroom.


Google Classroom: Class Codes [needed to join the class]

     2nd: jbihfz8                     5th: pvsdd2                7th: dtlyb93

     4th: 38tv6b                      6th: q1rjam                9th: d9iltg3

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